If you are looking for a really simple way to add new content to your Joomla portal, without having to write a new article everyday JoomRSS is the solution for you. JoomRSS is very power full and efficient tool. JoomRSS is designed to get the content from any RSS feed(s) and then submits the data into individual Joomla articles. You can have one RSS feed URL going in multiple sections or multiple categories. Updating a website daily is the best way to organically grow your websites in the eyes of the search engines. JoomRSS will take your website to next level with following benefits;

Increase in the website traffic on your website
  • Content plays a large role in keeping visitors on a web site. Search engines and their spiders just love quality, and regularly updated content. JoomRSS will regularly bring fresh and updated content to your site which in result will help you increase website traffic.

Increase in revenue generated by Google Adsense
  • JoomRSS is considered as money making machine with the ability to publish articles with Google Adsense Integration.
  • Great content helps to draw visitors to your site, which in turn brings in the traffic to help your site generate revenue.

Auto Pilot - ON
  • Relax while your website is on auto pilot and all the content is updating automatically.


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